Photonics Market (By Type: Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), Electronics Devices, Communication Systems, Lasers, Detectors, Sensors, Imaging devices; By Application: Medical Sectors (Biophotonics), Displays, Information processing, Communication Process and Networking, Lighting, Measurement and Vision, Photovoltaic, Construction Site, Media and Communication, Pharmaceutical Industries) - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, Regional Outlook, and Forecast 2023-2032

The global photonics market size accounted for USD 0.77 trillion in 2022 and is expected to reach USD 1.39 trillion by 2032 and rising at the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.2% from 2023 to 2032.

Photonics Market Size 2023 To 2032

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Key Takeaways:

  • The Asia Pacific photonics market was valued at USD 52.61 billion in 2022.
  • By application, the displays segment contributed 23.5% in 2022.

Photonics is related to science and technology having the features of generation of light, detection, transmission of light, switching, amplifier, signal passing, modulation, photonics is a word derived from the greek name "phos" which means light and the root name photo, it came in to the existence in the year 1960s. Whose aim was the use of light to perform various activities on the basis of light. Classic use of electronics are in the fields of Communications and Information communication Technology. The Inventions of diodes took place in the year 1970s. Optical fibers are used for the transmission of the information for telecommunication processes and then supported for building of the Internet Processor. In 1980s the word photonics was commonly used for the transmission of information by using optic data fibers cables in networking department. In the year 2001 photonics sector was completely focused on the Information communication and technology with various inventions and technological applications.

Photonics mainly use for the generation of light which includes Emission, transmission, amplification, detection, modulation of light. Photonics which is a steering for the technologies invented based on the light source which has given the growth for the market.  Photonics mainly includes Optic fibres, lasers, lights used in house hold, hotels, computer display, cars, televisions, theatres. It is a Science and technology which creates, generates, regulates and modulates. From many years past the scientists were in search of light.  Photonics has a feature that can be used to detect, cure the problems, for imagining in medical sectors for example to examine and study the diseases, and even to get a solution over a crime and increased the utilization of photonics and raised the market economy. The increased usage of Disposable market act as a development and rising and driving the growth of photonics market globally. Lightning technology development such as solid-state lightning, generally used for usage of light in various applications and use of photonics, Solid State Lightning is established on the technology such as Light Emitting diodes (LEDs), Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLEDs), and many more. Solid state light gives a symbolic growth and quality and minimizes the usage of energy for the production of light. 

In the usage of Solid State light it gives a remarkable growth in research and development, effectiveness, quality and low cost which gears the market and also usage of developed photonics equipment’s in various fields. In photonics device usage of the particular chemical substances specifically used may also drive the market. Moreover, technical development in photonics and decreased cost of the photonic devices, and increasing needs from the consumers and industries. From the production of the pacemakers to endoscopes to micro cams, and many more which is an example of development of photonics and fulfilling the needs of the society.  Impact of Covid - 19 on Photonics market is increased as the usage of Photonics Devices has rised the for disinfectant purpose, bring to an end of the virus. Because of the pandemic situation also turn off the market due to shut down of the regions, countries  supply and transportation ceased , restrictions to individuals, social distancing, guidelines  norms made for travelling led to disruption and supply of the needs were slow down and so increased the pricing of the optic fiber cables used for networking.

Report Scope of the Photonics Market 


Report Coverage Details
Market Size in 2023

USD 0.81 Trillion

Market Size by 2032

USD 1.39 Trillion

Growth Rate from 2023 to 2032 CAGR of 6.2%
Base Year 2022
Forecast Period 2023 to 2032
Segments Covered Type, Application, Geography
Companies Mentioned

Hamamatsu Photonics K.K (Hamamatsu - city, Japan), Molex (Illinois, US), TRUMPF (Ditzingen, Germany), Sicoya GMBH (Berlin, Germany), One Silicone chip photonics Inc (Montreal, Canada), Neophotnics Corporation (Caifornia, U.S), Innolume (Dortmund, Germany), PG Photonics Corporation (Massachusetts, U.S), II - VI Incorporated (Pennsylvania, U.S.)


Growth factor

  • The vast economic development of the photonics devices and the increasing demands
  • Demand and supply of the product with a given period and developing with the improved technologies 

The major growth factors of photonics market is due to multiple use of photonics devices in various fields. In every day  to day life which is the most developed science and technology in networking and lightning used in the Detection of light, spectroscopy, computing photonic waves, images, holography, in the medical section used in Endoscopy,  monitoring health, surgeries, operations, examination of heartbeats, Bio photonics include Laser processing, X-rays, Ultraviolet radiations, Reflectrographics, fluoroscence methods,  Biophotonics is the study of  Photonics to study biology. As the first transistor came into existence in the year 1948, and the expansion of the photonics in different sections and gave growth to the market.

Photonics devices such as optic fiber cable, recording and display device, Laser printers, telecommunications, metrology used for measuring time a frequency, construction sites, computing photonics includes contact between switch boards and computers, in Industries used in cutting, drilling, wielding, solar systems, consumer needs such as, scanner, remote devices, CD drive, DVD, printers. Applications of photonics are numerous due to rising population and increasing demands of the market and full the needs of the society with a good quality, effective and productive developed photonic devices.  The Information and communication technology contributes to the growth rate of market share, as due to increase in disposable products boost the economy of the market. Usage of photonics devices in pharmaceutical industries in production department, Quality control, and packaging department is developed. Impact of Covid-19 is largely affected the market there is positive impact like usage of medical photonics devices for screening images, disinfecting, killing virus and the increasing demands of the market.

Light Emitting diodes are largely used in devices. Covid- 19 also has the negative impact on the market because of the turn off of the market.  Due to lock down imposed by the government, restrictions in contaminated zones, to maintain the social distancing, reduced transportation led to reduced supply of the needs to the market. The increased supply of the photonics devices in pharmaceutical industries and medical sector is largely expanded and increased the market growth. The guidelines such as Standardized Operating Procedures are used for the production and usage of the Photonics devices which improved the quality, efficiency of the device, fast operating, ease of use, longer warranty of the devices, accuracy of the photonics devices and improved alternatives to congenital devices made the customer to choose the photonics devices which have higher efficiency than other congenital devices. The major growth is due to less time taken for analysis, better accuracy, and noninvasive techniques. Its significant growth is also due to usage in military, in night vision technology special optics cables are used to make visible the images with the less amount of light. It is one of the largest industry to grow globally and having varied applications in various sectors which seems to rise the market even more.


  • The Government of India launched Special Assistance for States to Capital Investment Scheme. Under the scheme, the government has started to earmark an amount of Rs.3000 crore to states for investing in the production of optic fiber cable network.
  • China, being the global leader in printer and copier sales is aiming to distribute 23.66 million printers and copiers in 2023.
  • Japan headquartered; Hamamatsu Photonics stated in its annual report that the company has reached record high for two consecutive years. The company’s sales for 2022 reached 208.8 billion yen. Whereas the demand for medical bio-instrument held the highest position reaching 38.1% in 2022.
  • The Canadian government $187 million in 2022 to boost the photonics and semiconductor segments in the country. The investment was made for Canadian Photonics Fabrication Center.
  • In 2022, San Fransico organized Photonics West 2022 to feature cutting-edge research in bio photonics.
  • TRUMPH Photonics, a major key player in the global photonics market invested 15 million Euros (2022) in a Norwegian startup that has developed optical microphone (MEMS), the investment aims to show a strong support for the photonics area.

Market Dynamics


Rising demand for data communication

The proliferation of cloud-based services and data centers has led to a surge in data traffic. Photonics technologies are essential for connecting servers and networking equipment within data centers. Being in the form of optical interconnects, photonics promotes fast and reliable data exchange. The emerging popularity of video streaming services and online gaming requires robust data communication networks. All these factors that collectively demand flexible and reliable data services that are delivered by photonics are observed to fuel the growth of the market. Moreover, multiple countries, especially developing countries, are actively participating in the deployment of 5G network services; this element is also observed to act as a driver for the growth of the global photonics market.

For instance, in October 2022, India launched its first 5G services while taking the nation’s digital transformation a step ahead. By December 2022, the 5G service was available in 50 cities in the country.


Multiple technological complexities

Developing photonics technologies often requires substantial investments in research and development. The complexities involved in designing, fabricating and testing photonics components and devices can increase R&D costs. For smaller companies or startups this high cost can act as a barrier to entry, limiting their ability to compete in the market. Photonics technologies can involve intricate design processes and intricate manufacturing techniques. The time required for such can delay the whole process of manufacturing. All these factors create technological complexities by restraining the growth of the market.


Rising demand from the defense and aerospace sector

Photonics-based devices and systems have proven to be crucial in enhancing the capabilities of modern defense operations. Photonics is pivotal in developing advanced sensors and imaging systems for surveillance, reconnaissance, and target acquisition purposes. Photonics-based technologies such as infrared cameras, LiDAR, and night vision devices enable enhanced situational awareness and intelligence gathering, improving defense operations. Moreover, the increasing development of directed energy weapons, such as high-energy lasers, requires advanced photonics technologies to be implemented. As the defense and aerospace industry demands cost-effective solutions with concentrated technological platforms, the demand for photonics systems is observed to increase. Thus, the element opens a set of opportunities for the market to grow.


Lack of awareness and education about photonics systems

Investors and businesses are more likely to invest in markets they understand and believe in, lack of awareness and education about photonics systems may lead to reduced investments in research, development and commercialization of photonics solutions/technologies. This, in turn, hampers the growth of the market by posing a challenge for the market. Even if some companies develop cutting-edge photonics systems, the lack of awareness among potential users may hinder the adoption of photonics systems.

Type Insights

Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) holds the largest application in all photonics devices which emerges the growth of the market. LEDs are most widely utilized in photonics devices which have high efficiency, better accuracy, non- invasive, Give result in short period of time, affordable cost, and easy usage. Optical fibers or light fiber can be used to produce light to a path. Optical fibers are used for transmission of light. Investigation is in development of photonic crystals, photonic crystal fibers.  Optical Amplifiers are used for amplification to amplify signal.

Optical communicators are fiber amplifiers, parametric amplifiers, Raman amplifiers, semiconductor amplifiers. Photo detectors used to detect light, Detectors range from fast to slow cells. Bio photonics is one of the type used to study biology. Nano photonics to study light on nanometer scale, Photonic radar is a technology which uses light for the production of radar. Silicon photonics uses silicon as a medium. Photonics is also related to the Quantum Information and quantum optics.

Application Insights

Photonics market segment based on the application, Applications of photonics are wide in various fields and day to day life with advanced technology in a short period of time. For Example, Detection of light, Information Communication Technology, Telecommunications, Lighting, Metrology, Medical sectors (operations, health information displaying, X-rays, Ultra violet rays, Endoscopy), Photovoltaic, Spectroscopy, agriculture, Holography, agriculture. In Industrial manufacturing companies used as drilling, cutting, use of laser method. In construction of structures, in theaters, laser show. Photonics in measurement of time and frequency which is metrology. Used in military in night vision. Also used as a renewable energy source.

Applications of photonics in developing nation is expanding widely. Economically Photonics market is increasing due to developing devices, photonics market has major applications with consistent growth of the market with the developing devices and additional usage of chemicals in medical diagnosis.

Distribution Channel Insights

Photonics market segment based on distribution channel. It is divided in various fields for example information processing, Tele communication services, Medical sector, Lightning, Construction side, military purpose, Solar systems, Pharmaceutical industries,  electronic devices used by the consumers,  Nano photonics, micro photonics, Photonics devices are mostly preferred over congenital devices by the market as per needs and provide the customers the product with standardized procedures followed by the industries to manufacture to produce a product which is more efficient and effective to use.

Utilization of photonics product in various fields have expanded the market growth rate which fulfill the needs of the market as per the requirement which has improved the standard of living of the society. The rapid growth of the population with the rising demands of the individuals and the development of the technologies with new innovations has improved the market growth.

Photonics Market  Share, By Region, 2022 (%)

Regions Revenue Share in 2022 (%)
North America 23.7%
Asia Pacific 52.61%
Europe 15%
Latin America 5%
MEA 3.69%

Geography Insights

On the basis of geographical segments, the photonics market has investigated as rapid growth in Asia Pacific region which have a rising growth rate in research and development and developing new technologies. China is also the leading country for development of the different new technologies in photonics devices with improving facilities and developed companies and export the photonics devices across them regions. Developing market and new innovations in electronic devices may fuel the growth of market.

North America also drives the market with the applications such as wide usage of Facebook, Microsoft and many more which require information processing and transmission. Europe, US, Canada examined to improve the growth rate of the market.

Key market developments

  • In January 2021 Development in chip carrying light In Munster development of new innovative devices carrying research and development in various methods. To deal with opportunities in an effective way.
  • In April 2019 TRUMPF has completed the Philips photonics. Laser Diodes are from Philips photonics which are used in Digital usage. In the year February 220 launching of the Laser Development technology that is ENSIS. 

Key Market Players

  • Hamamatsu Photonics K.K (Hamamatsu - city, Japan)
  • Molex (Illinois, US)
  • TRUMPF (Ditzingen, Germany)
  • Sicoya GMBH (Berlin, Germany)
  • One Silicone chip photonics Inc (Montreal, Canada)
  • Neophotnics Corporation (Caifornia, U.S)
  • Innolume (Dortmund, Germany)
  • IPG Photonics Corporation (Massachusetts, U.S)
  • II - VI Incorporated (Pennsylvania, U.S.)

Segments covered in the report

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By Type

  • Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs)
  • Electronics Devices
  • Communication Systems
  • Lasers, Detectors, Sensors, Imaging devices

By Application

  • Medical Sectors (Biophotonics)
  • Displays
  • Information processing
  • Communication Process and Networking
  • Lighting
  • Measurement and Vision
  • Photovoltaic
  • Construction Site
  • Media and Communication
  • Pharmaceutical Industries

By Geography

  • North America
    • U.S.
    • Canada
  • Europe
    • U.K.
    • Germany
    • France
  • Asia-Pacific
    • China
    • India
    • Japan
    • South Korea
    • Malaysia
    • Philippines
  • Latin America
    • Brazil
    • Rest of Latin America
  • Middle East & Africa (MEA)
    • GCC
    • North Africa
    • South Africa
    • Rest of the Middle East & Africa

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the current size of photonics market?
The global photonics market size was accounted at USD 0.77 trillion in 2022 and it is expected to reach around USD 1.39 trillion by 2032.
What will be the CAGR of global photonics market?
The global photonics market is poised to grow at a CAGR of 6.2% from 2023 to 2032.
Who are the prominent players operating in the photonics market?
The major players operating in the photonics market are Hamamatsu Photonics K.K (Hamamatsu - city, Japan), Molex (Illinois, US), TRUMPF (Ditzingen, Germany), Sicoya GMBH (Berlin, Germany), One Silicone chip photonics Inc (Montreal, Canada), Neophotnics Corporation (Caifornia, U.S), Innolume (Dortmund, Germany), PG Photonics Corporation (Massachusetts, U.S), II - VI Incorporated (Pennsylvania, U.S.)
Which are the driving factors of the photonics market?
Increasing usage of the photonics products in various sectors mainly in Medical section, Information and communication technology, pharmaceutical industries have major growth in the photonics market during the forecast period.
Which region will lead the global photonics market?
Asia Pacific region will lead the global photonics market during the forecast period 2023 to 2032.


   USD 4900
   USD 3800
   USD 2100
   USD 2100
   USD 7500


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