Technical Textile Market (By Manufacturing: 3D Weaving, Thermo-forming, 3D Knitting, Heat-set Synthetics, Nanotechnology, Hand-made Elements, Finishing Treatments, and Others; By End-use: Buildtech Textiles, Agro Textiles, Indutech Textile, Medtech Textile, Hometech Textile, Packtech Textile, Transtech Textile, Protech Textile, Clothtech Textile, Sportech Textile, and Others) - Global Market Size, Trends Analysis, Segment Forecasts, Regional Outlook 2020 - 2027

The global technical textile market size was valued at US$ 175.73 billion in 2019 and to reach US$ 251.82 billion by 2027, with a CAGR of 4.6% from 2020 to 2027.

Technical Textile Market Size 2022 to 2027

Growth Factors

Increasing awareness related to the advantages of technical textile projected to impel its demand across several end-use industries that include construction, agriculture, medical, aerospace, and packaging. Innovations in biotechnology have rapidly changed and evolved the traditional farming methods towards more scientific approach. The employment and implementation of highly-advanced technologies in the field of agricultural sector estimated to enhance the crop yield, thereby influencing the total productivity as well as demand for technical textiles.

Furthermore, the increasing application of technical textiles in automobiles and construction sector that include floor covering, rubber, protective gears, flexible reservoirs, and bags & containers used for transportation of critical goods or products, and many more significantly influences the market growth. Increasing application of technical textile is mainly because of its multi-dimensional properties that include high strength, versatility, lightweight, and durability. Thus, the above-mentioned factors are likely to propel the market growth over the upcoming years.

However, the manufacturing cost associated with the technical textiles is higher compared to conventional textiles because of the implementation of advanced and superior raw materials that is likely to impact negatively towards the market growth. In addition, the technology used during the manufacturing of raw materials trailed by their processing as well as final conversion is a costly process that expected to hamper the market growth for technical textiles.

Manufacturing Insights

3D weaving manufacturing technology held a market share of around 24% in 2019 and estimated to register a growth rate of nearly 4.3% between years 2020 and 2027. Significant share of the segment is mainly attributed to the large implementation of 3D weaving manufacturing technology in industries that include medical, agriculture, packaging, industrial, automotive, and aerospace.

Technical Textile Market Share, By Manufacturing, 2020 (%)

On the other hand, 3D knitting manufacturing method helps in monitoring the dimensionality found in knit structures and the 3D shaped weft knitting. In addition, the technology also permits improvements and alterations in the user interface that result in a high-performing and more efficient knit product designs. The above factor anticipated to impel the growth of the 3D knitting technology in technical textile market during the forecast timeframe.

End-use Insights

Home tech textiles segment captured the highest value share of around 20% in 2019 and is projected to grow at a rate of 5.2% during the analysis period. It is mainly used for household applications that include cushion materials, furniture, floor &wall coverings, fireproofing, and textile reinforced structures that deliver comfort, decoration, and safety.

Agro textiles are widely used in agriculture sector because of its functional benefits that include protection from micro-organisms, superior weather resistance, water conservation, and protection from ultra-violet radiation as well as solar radiation. These products provide better crop protection, thereby lead to improved crop quality and increased overall yield.

Regional Insights

The Asia Pacific led the market, accounting for nearly half of the value share in 2019. The dominance of the region expected to continue during the analysis period as well. This is majorly attributed to the increasing demand for functional clothing and apparel in the region. Large consumer base, surge in demand for ethnic wears, and significant impacts of western clothing culture are the major factors that drive the demand for functional clothing in the region.

Technical Textile Market Share, By Region, 2020 (%)

Furthermore, expansion of commercial, residential, and industrial sectors because of rapid economic growth expected to enhance the construction activities that in turn drive the demand for technical textiles over the upcoming years. In addition, flourishing growth in the tourism industry has impelled the growth of resorts, restaurants, and food chains that again fuel the demand for technical textile in the coming years.

On the other hand, Europe examined to register an exponential growth during the analysis period owing to the increasing demand for technical textiles in fashion &clothing and household applications. Additionally, significant growth in medical tourism, healthcare activities, along with growing aging population in the region anticipated to propel the market growth for technical textile in the region.

Key Companies & Market Share Insights

The global technical textile market is significantly diverse and competitive owing to the key participants are prominently engaged to enhance their product offering as in introducing advanced products to gain market competitiveness. These players further invest notable in the research & development activity for the development of new and advanced products.

Certain players operating in the technical textile market include:

  • B&V Agro Irrigation Co.
  • Ludvig Svensson
  • Diatex
  • Asahi Kasei Advance Corporation
  • Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.
  • Gromax Industries
  • Huntsman International LLC
  • Arrigoni S.p.A.
  • Tessitura Boscato S.R.L.
  • Hucktek - Huck Nets (UK) Ltd.
  • MDB Texinov
  • Low & Bonar PLC
  • Beniplast Benitex SA
  • Freudenberg Group
  • Ahlstrom-Munksjo

Report Scope of the Technical Textile Market

Report Highlights Details
Market Size USD 251.82 Billion by 2027
Growth Rate CAGR of 4.6% From 2020 to 2027
Base Year 2021
Historic Data 2017 to 2020
Forecast Period 2020 to 2027
Segments Covered Manufacturing, End-use
Regional Scope North America, APAC, Europe, Latin America, MEAN, Rest of the World
Companies Mentioned B&V Agro Irrigation Co., LudvigSvensson, Diatex, Asahi Kasei Advance Corporation, Mitsui Chemicals, Inc., Gromax Industries, Huntsman International LLC, Arrigoni S.p.A., Tessitura Boscato S.R.L.


Segments Covered in the Report

This research study comprises complete assessment of the market by means of far-reaching qualitative and quantitative perceptions, and predictions regarding the market. This report delivers classification of marketplace into impending and niche sectors. Further, this research study calculates market size and its development drift at global, regional, and country from 2016 to 2027. This report contains market breakdown and its revenue estimation by classifying it on the basis of manufacturing, end-use, and region:

Technical Textile Market Segmentation

By Manufacturing

  • 3D Weaving
  • Thermo-forming
  • 3D Knitting
  • Heat-set Synthetics
  • Nanotechnology
  • Hand-made Elements
  • Finishing Treatments
  • Others

By End-use

  • Buildtech Textiles
  • Agro Textiles
  • Indutech Textile
  • Medtech Textile
  • Hometech Textile
  • Packtech Textile
  • Transtech Textile
  • Protech Textile
  • Clothtech Textile
  • Sportech Textile
  • Others

By Regional Outlook

  • North America
    • U.S.
    • Canada
  • Europe
    • U.K.
    • Germany
    • France
  • Asia Pacific
    • China
    • India
    • Japan
    • South Korea
  • Rest of the World

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the current size of technical textile market?
According to Precedence Research, the global technical textile market size was valued at US$ 175.73 billion in 2019 and expected to reach US$ 251.82 billion by 2027.
The global technical textile market is growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.6% during the forecast period 2020 to 2027.
Increasing awareness of technical textile regarding its benefits compared to traditional textiles is considered as a major factor that is likely to boost the market growth. Some of its unique functional properties include durability, cost-effectiveness, low weight, high strength, versatility, eco-friendly, and logistical convenience. Hence, it is large used for wide range of applications that include automotive, construction, aerospace, packaging, apparel, agriculture, medical, and many others. Growth in the automotive industry is likely to propel the demand for technical textile owing to its increased application for protective gears, floor covering, roof & door liners, tyres, safety devices, and seat covers.
3D weaving manufacturing technology held a market share of around 24% in 2019 attributed to the larger implementation of 3D weaving manufacturing technology in various industries.
The Asia Pacific emerged as a front-runner in the global technical textile market accounting for a revenue share of nearly 46% in 2019 and expected to maintain its dominance over the forecast timeframe.
Hometech textiles segment captured the highest value share of around 20% in 2019 because of its large application in household products.
Some of the key players operating in the market are B&V Agro Irrigation Co., LudvigSvensson, Diatex, Asahi Kasei Advance Corporation, Mitsui Chemicals, Inc., Gromax Industries, Huntsman International LLC, Arrigoni S.p.A., Tessitura Boscato S.R.L., Hucktek - Huck Nets (UK) Ltd., MDB Texinov, Low & Bonar PLC, BeniplastBenitex SA, Freudenberg Group, and Ahlstrom-Munksjo among others.
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