Personalization in Aftermarket (By Vehicle Type: Four-wheeler, Two-wheeler, Others; By Distribution Channel: Whole seller, Retailer, Online portals, Others; By Product Type: Commercial, Domestic) - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, Regional Outlook, and Forecast 2022-2030

Personalization in Aftermarket Size and Companies

Personalization in aftermarket is expected to drive remarkable growth in the forecast period.

The availability of the perfect spare part which is required for a particular machine becomes the most challenging factor when aftermarket services comes into play. Substitution of a particular part by another which does not match the exact specifications of the part required makes it difficult to be installed at that position. Hence, it becomes very essential for the consumer to receive the precise aftermarket information regarding any spare part or services that are demanded for. The industries that are dealing with the customers directly by means of the retail stores are facing the main challenge as a result of the vast variety of spare parts in that are demanded in the market due to the presence of numerous variants of a particular machine or product. 

The complex products which have specific configurations are not sold in the local retail stores by the company. These products are mainly preferred to be sold by the company representatives itself as a result of there specificity. On the other hand the local spare parts and accessories are provided along with the daily services by the retail stores because of their high demand in the market by the people. In order to continue along lasting business the customer should be made aware of all the specifications regarding the spare parts and the features that a provided along with it. 

E-Commerce solution becomes essential in order to supply the right gadgets and apply in the essential features like navigation and others. In order to formulate and e-commerce base, personalization acts as an factor when designing comes into play. The consumer experience mainly depends upon the implementation technique of the e-commerce solutions. When the experiences top notch the consumer is automatically retained by the business which forms a long term relationship. In order to reach the targeted revenue return E-commerce solutions will become a helpful toolkit for the company. In order to experience a sturdy growth in the revenue system of the company, loyalty is very important towards the strategy devised to reach the goal. Handling the overload of data becomes very important in order to reach the expectations of the consumers. The recent consumers expect easier access to information without the headache of surfing through the internet into multiple sites and pages. A secured payment method is also expected by the consumers in order to remain safe economically. The search results which are obtained in a search engine should be related and relevant as per in the words entered into the engine which when not fulfilled becomes a disappointment for the consumers. 

The information provided to the consumers needs to be specific as compared to the buyers which when relevant leads to a successful business deal and sale of the products. Customized catalogs containing information, fixed pricing, capacity to take bulk orders and carrying out the necessary orders are the important factors that help the personalization of the aftermarket sector. The customers need and easy access to the spare parts for the devices and machineries in order to save time and receive better services from the manufacturer or retailer. Spare parts also need to fit in the machines which have been customized or modified in order to boost their performance. The distribution network needs to be strong enough to connect all the change for sales and marketing of the spare parts.

Key market developments.

  • MotorRad collaborated with AASA and Auto Care in order to start a campaign in which the the consumer had a customised choice making process. This included the owners to know about their vehicles and maintenance data along with the details of the repairs done. This event took place in February 2020.

Segments covered in the report

By Vehicle Type

  • Four wheeler
  • Two wheeler
  • Others

By Distribution Channel

  • Whole seller
  • Retailer
  • Online portals
  • Others

By Product Type

  • Commercial
  • Domestic

By Geography

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia-Pacific
  • Latin America
  • Middle East & Africa (MEA)

Growth Factors

The expectations of the market must be full field according to the experiences that are faced by the consumers which will help in finding a better market base for the products by the industries. Finding a correct spare part regarding a particular product becomes a very essential factor as the further functioning of the device depends upon the part that is installed. The need for a spare part for a particular device must be fulfilled easily and with efficiency in order to keep the faith of the customers in the manufacturing industry. Maintenance of a chain between the manufacturer and the retailer helps to continue the supply of the products into the market which keeps the revenue system running. Multiple technical barriers arise during the production of numerous spare parts which are being overcome by the advanced technological developments.

The advanced technological systems used to record the product base of the consumers machine helps to find relevant matches of the spare parts and mix it is you to provide an adequate service to the customer. Special digital interface has been used for the sales and purchase of the spare parts in order to find relative matches according to the demands of the consumer without wasting much time in trial-and-error process which helps the manufacturer to provide better services to the consumer shorter period of time. In the record regarding the maintenance schedule of the devices is also maintained using this technology where the record of the previously installed spare parts are also recorded which helps to make changes in the future without wasting much time. This process makes it easier for the service stations as well which increases the number of customers handled by them per day, thus increasing the revenue returns. 

Advanced search engines and intuitive search ideas have been applied by manufacturers in order to sort out in the correct product quickly which helps the manufacturer to convert the production in the revenue. The online shopping process had been introduced by the manufacturers in order to display all the available spare parts to the consumers in a single view by which they can increase the shopping cart and have better services from the suppliers. This provides better customer satisfaction along with increased sales for the company, thus benefiting both in their own ways. 

The ERP system which is introduced by the manufacturers helps to display the individual prices of the products which makes it easier for the consumer to choose from a number of options and select the most appropriate choice. This makes it easier for the consumers to shop for their requirements. This system also helps to automatically update in the available products and SS the sales department in the front office as well as the back-office sections. The user type is also classified with this system which helps us to speed up the sales of the goods displayed by the manufacturer and the retailers. Aayojan number of users can have access to the selling platform at the same time without having any technical errors or problems which helps the market to grow at a faster rate. In the availability of the goods is readily displayed by the system which makes the user have the information regarding the product. At the same time, it also helps the company to on profits faster as compared to the process were individual customers are dealt with.

Vehicle Type Insights

The four-wheeler segment has shown a tremendous growth owing to the high cost associated with it. It is not very easy for a consumer to scrap out and purchase a new four-wheeler. Hence, people opt for replacing the old parts with new ones and maintain the vehicle for a longer period of time. The two-wheeler segment has shown a considerable growth in the developing nations as a result of the middle-class status of the people.

Distribution Channel Insights

The whole saler segment has shown the most sales as compared to the others as a result of the multiple retailers associated with them. There are multiple consumers who also opt for purchasing from these departments than choosing the retailers which also helps to increase the sales. The retailers show a good business as the local buyer's prefer to purchase from them. Online portals also have boosted the market to a great extent.

Product Insights

Commercial products form the larger market because of their frequent use and multiple users. The parts get easily worn out and have to be exchanged too often. Domestic products form the next domain where household products and individual products are considered where spare parts are required over a long period of use pertaining to their single hand use.

Geography Insights

The North American market is the leading markets owing to the high number of manufacturers in the region. The Asia Pacific region forms the largest consumer pertaining to the high demand for spare parts. China also leads the group with the large number of manufacturing units in the region.

Key market players

  • Snapchat's Bitmoji
  • Shutterfly
  • Vidyard
  • Coca cola
  • Target
  • Spotify
  • Amazon
  • Twiddy
  • Iberia Airlines

Frequently Asked Questions

Which key players are operating in the personalization in aftermarket?
The key players are operating in the personalization in aftermarket are Snapchat's Bitmoji, Shutterfly, Vidyard, Coca cola, Target, Spotify, Amazon, Twiddy, and Iberia Airlines.
Which types of products are highlighted in the personalization in aftermarket?
The highlighted products in the personalization in aftermarket are commercial and domestic.
Which regions are included in the study of personalization in aftermarket?
The regions covered in personalization in aftermarket are North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa (MEA).


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