Digital Ad Spending Market Size To Touch USD 1.25 Trn By 2030

Published Date : 09 Dec 2022

The global digital ad spending market size was exhibited at USD 617.27 trillion in 2022 and is expected to touch around USD 1.25 trillion by 2030 with a CAGR of 9.22% During the Forecast Period 2022 to 2030.

Report Highlights

  • On the basis of the format of the ad, the video format is expected to grow during the forecast period.
  • On the basis of the end user, the retail segment is forecasted to show good growth.

Regional Snapshot

As the number of advertisers spending on digital ad spending in North America is increasing and this is the major factor that has helped in the growth of the market in North America. Previously, the Olympic Games in Tokyo and the elections in US had led to a growth in ad spending in the US. The Asia Pacific market is expected to have the highest growth rate during the forecast period as there is the increased use of smartphones, and social media apps and these happen to be the major driving factors for the growing Internet advertising market across the Asia Pacific region. In countries like China, India, and Indonesia, the importance of smartphones and gaming has increased, therefore leading to growth in the digital ad spend market.

Digital Ad Spending Market Report Scope

Report Coverage Details
Market Size In 2022 USD 617.27 Trillion 
Market Size By 2030 USD 1.25 Trillion
Growth Rate from 2022 to 2030 CAGR of 9.22%
Base Year 2022
Forecast Period 2022 to 2030
Segments Covered By Add Format, By Platform Used, By End User
Regions Covered North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Middle East and Africa

Market Dynamics


Due to the pandemic, there has been a growth in eCommerce websites. Shopping has accelerated the growth of the digital ad spending market. Businesses are investing in technology, infrastructure, and organizational change and also in advertising, they are advertising on various e-Commerce platforms, in order to direct traffic to them. More and more people are shopping online via a digital channels, and there is growth in this market. Social media is the leading platform for the digital ad spending market and it is expected to overtake television, as more and more people are switching to auditory platforms and other e-commerce websites. Due to advanced TV and streaming video television, this market has grown exponentially. In order to entertain consumers, digital ad spending is playing an important role. The proliferation of social media, the emergence of high-speed Internet, the rise in advertising spending on digital media across various industries, the adoption of smartphones, the popularity of streaming platforms and the demand for digital media are all Driving factors.


The choices for advertising on Internet are ample. The ads that you want to display can be targeted for your customers. The ads that you want to show to the target customers can be done in a proper manner. Also, there are remarketing ads that are shown to people who have visited your website but for all this, we need to identify the key search terms and decide how much to bid on each of these words. So there is a lot of decision-making. Also, the choices can be complicated. Hence this happens to be a major restraint in the development of this market. There are chances of making mistakes. Wrong keywords or targeting the audience ineffectively will make the company spend a fortune to get a single lead. Digital advertisements are expensive and there is fierce competition in this market for some businesses. The traditional way of advertising may help as it has helped in the past. As the ads are continuously running on the Internet, it's a very common problem. That the customers face and they want to skip the ads. And if the campaigns aren't running correctly the products and the image will suffer.


The expansion of the entertainment and media sector due to various media platforms like party platforms across the groups is expected to help in rising the digital ad spend market. Therefore, increased spending on video ads by advertisers is one opportunity for the digital ad spending market. Various software companies are coming up with different mobile apps related to communication and collaboration, CRM, ERP, accounting and finance, health and fitness and for students, so there's an increase in the demand for enterprise mobile apps. This also helps in fueling the digital ad spend market. Machine learning technologies and artificial intelligence which give a different experience to the user and help in the distribution of new digital content all provide a great opportunity


Almost every business wants to take its products and services online to reach out to the masses, but the digital world is booming. The challenge for marketers is making their brands stand out and making it available on the Internet. There are difficulties in running brand awareness campaigns. Targeting the correct market for brand awareness is also a challenge on the digital platform. And it's even harder to drive traffic to the websites and convert them into customers. The identification of the target audience in the market is also a difficult task. As there is a rapid increase in Internet users day by day their needs are changing every hour with an increase in digital channels and other tools, there is also a need to optimize the budgets and the return on investments. Digital marketing has changed a lot in the past years and in the coming years it shall continue to change. Hence marketers have to stay up to date with all the changes and adapt to these changes. Since more and more information is shared online during purchases or other activities, it becomes easier for hackers to hack the information and pose a threat to the person’s security. Many important documents are stored online for easy access so it is very lucrative for hackers hence security also comes as a challenge.

Recent Developments

Google LLC, Facebook Inc, Microsoft Corporation, Twitter Inc, are the key advertisers of the digital ad spend to market and are focusing on the development of cost-effective and compact digital ad spending to attract more and more customers in the coming years. They're also switching to mergers and acquisition activities with technological partners to improve their offerings in the market.  Microsoft Corporation expanded its partnership with Circa Digital Solutions in March 2021 to accelerate binge advertisement growth in India.

Ad Colony Inc collaborated with Anzu.IO to introduce in gaming advertising solutions in November 2020 to various brands and agencies. Google LLC acquired Double Click Incorporated in May 2020 to rebrand the ads platform.

Key Players in the Report

  • Alibaba Group Holdings Limited
  • Google LLC
  • Baidu Inc
  • Amazon Web Services, Inc
  • International Business Machines Corp
  • Verizon Communications Inc
  • Facebook Inc
  • Twitter Inc
  • Hulu LLC
  • Microsoft Corporation

Market Segmentation

By Add Format

  • Social media
  • Video
  • Search engine

By Platform Used

  • Mobile
  • Laptop
  • Desktop

By End User

  • Retail
  • Health care
  • Automotive
  • Media and entertainment
  • Education
  • Transport and tourism
  • IT and telecom

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