Sterile Medical Packaging Market Representing 9.10% Growth By 2032

Published Date : 18 Apr 2023

The sterile medical packaging market revenue was valued at USD 40.12 billion in 2022 and it is expected to touch around USD 95.89 billion in 2032 with a remarkable CAGR of 9.10% from 2023 to 2032.

The sterile medical packaging market's growth is driven by several factors: sterilization procedures are becoming more widely known, single-use medical equipment is in greater demand, sterile packaging systems are being used more frequently, there are more advanced hospitals and clinics around the world, and there are more people with chronic

Market Overview:

There are more advanced hospitals and clinics worldwide, more individuals with chronic diseases, increased awareness of sterilization procedures, an increased need for single-use medical equipment, increased use of sterile packaging systems, and more sterile packaging systems. To successfully sterilize the packaged contents, preserve their sterility until the package is opened for usage, and allow extraction of the contents without becoming infected, factors including application, performance, and selection of suitable sterilization packaging methods are crucial.  

The main factors propelling the growth of the global sterile medical packaging market are the rising population and their health requirements, the rise in disease prevalence, ongoing efforts by consumers, manufacturers, and governments to increase the level of infection control, and the expansion of supportive healthcare policies.  

Vendors are also consistently growing their businesses to diversify their product offerings. As an illustration, Dordan Industries Inc. (an ISO 9001:2015 certified business) started its cleanroom project to expand its medical packaging competence. The company's main business is creating, producing, and distributing unique thermoformed packaging for various sectors.

Sterile Medical Packaging Market Report Scope:

Report Coverage Details
Market Size in 2022 USD 40.12 Billion
Projected Forecast Value in 2032 USD 95.89 Billion
Growth Rate 9.10% from 2023 to 2032
Largest Market North America
Second Largest Market Europe
Base Year 2022
Forecast Period 2023 to 2032
Regions Covered North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and Middle East & Africa

Regional Insights:

North America accounted for the largest market share in 2022 and is expected to continue this pattern during the forecast period. Since there are more government programs and high-quality items in the North American region, the region has a significant market share. The expansion of the sterile medical packaging market is also aided by increased competition and tight FDA regulations for the firms in the area. 

The U.S. was primarily responsible for the contribution of the region. The region has grown as a result of a boom in the pharmaceutical industry and an increase in consumer healthcare spending. The rapid spread of infectious diseases like the coronavirus has resulted in an increase in patients, which has led to an expansion of the pharmaceutical industry.

On the other hand, Asia Pacific is anticipated to experience the highest growth during the projection period due to its developing healthcare sector, wide-ranging market, and increasing emphasis on safety and quality. The pharmaceutical industry is constantly growing, which has improved pharmaceutical packaging. Pharmaceutical packaging is in high demand in countries with large populations, including China, India, and Brazil. 

The increased pharmaceutical output of these countries has greatly increased demand. This region is home to the two biggest pharmaceutical producers in the world, China and India. The Indian Economic Survey 2021 predicts that the housing market will expand three times over the next ten years.

Report Highlights:

  • By Packaging Type, the most popular kind of sterile medical packaging among these is thermoformed trays. They frequently have a lot of compartments and are made of sturdy materials to support the medical equipment. These trays contain delicate surgical supplies like test kits, sutures, and implants. In 2022, the second-largest market share belonged to pre-fillable syringes. These syringes are lightweight, transparent, and break resistant. The excellent moisture barrier capacity of syringes allows for long-term pharmaceutical storage. For a variety of diseases, it is thus appropriate for injectable multiple-dose therapy. Throughout the anticipated period, there would be a rise in demand for pre-fillable syringes due to the increased use of multiple-dose injection therapy. Bulk packaging savings can be achieved by using blister packs rather than additional boxes.
  • By Sterilization Method, according to the sterilization method, the market for sterile packaging is further segmented into radiation sterilization, chemical sterilization, and high-temperature sterilization.  Ethylene oxide (ETO), hydrogen peroxide, and other substances are used in chemical sterilization. Based on the method of sterilization, the sterile packaging market is further divided into radiation sterilization, chemical sterilization, and high-temperature sterilization.  Gamma radiation is the most prevalent radiation used in the second-largest form of sterilization. The steam autoclave is the best sterilization technique for high temperatures and pressures. Saturated steam at 121–132 °C is a very efficient disinfection technique. The majority of its applications are for surgical instruments and other medical devices.
  • By Applications, A sizable market share for sterile medical packaging was held in 2022 by the pharmaceutical and biological industries. Both the number of patients and the prevalence of infectious and non-infectious disorders have risen. This has increased the need for drugs and blood testing. Predictions state that the demand for this type of packaging in biological and pharmaceutical applications will increase as a result of these advantageous characteristics, which will propel market growth. A significant portion of the market is expanding for instruments used in surgery and medicine. These consist of drainage and urine bags as well as procedure kits, gloves, gowns, and catheters. The majority of the time, these instruments is used in surgical and operating rooms. Additionally, glass and plastic are frequently used in in-vitro diagnostic products. The medical implants market is projected to grow significantly during the forecast period.

Market Dynamics:


The pharmaceutical and healthcare industries' substantial demand of sterile medical packaging

The demand for sterile medical packaging is increasing due to the healthcare industry. There are many advantages to combining plastic with paper or paperboard, including low weight, recyclability, and durability. The demand from the medical industry rises as a result of sterile medical packaging's assistance in preventing damage from outside forces like moisture during transit. Sterile medical packaging is the best option for the healthcare industry, where it is used to package pharmaceutical products and medical devices due to features like microbiological barriers. Infection prevention concerns and growing health consciousness are expected to drive growth in the market for sterile medical packaging. The demand for sterile medical packaging products is increased by how simple they are to handle.


Regulatory standards those are very strict

Regulatory sterile packaging requirements have increased the demand for dependable, high-quality sterile packaging solutions, but manufacturers must also adhere to these requirements. Complying with these regulations can be time- and money-consuming, harm your reputation, and have regulatory repercussions.


A sizable portion is expected to be made up of plastic material

Numerous partnerships in the industry have led to numerous developments. The collaboration between manufacturers of medical device packaging and the chemical and polymer resin industries has primarily resulted in innovations in both technology and products. For instance, linear low-density polyethylene metallocene provides stronger performance and improved seal integrity. The most recent oxygen- and moisture-barrier resins can be sterilized in an autoclave. The new polymer chemistries have improved thermo formability in terms of both speed and quality. Hospitals have had an impact on the packaging industry as well because they require greater recyclable qualities from the materials used for sterile packaging. Additionally, the constant need for lower costs and prices drives advancements in materials and packaging techniques worldwide.


Preserving the integrity of medical packaging

Medical packaging is tested to ascertain the sterility and shelf life of a product. For medical products, a microbiological barrier is essential throughout the entire value chain. When a medical package is stored, handled, and distributed, it becomes challenging for manufacturers to preserve its integrity. Medical equipment must be kept sterile to safeguard patients and stop the spread of disease. Sterile medical packaging must be evaluated for effectiveness after being exposed to environmental factors, which presents a challenge for suppliers. The integrity of sterile packaging is frequently compromised during storage and transportation due to damage or vibrations.

Recent Development:

  • November 2020, The Alloyd Division of Sonoco has introduced a new roll-feed, cut, and seal machine for use in medical packaging. This machine is fitted with an automatic "Tyvek feeder" that speeds up the manufacturing of semi-automatic machinery and permits the use of thinner Tyvek. A recently introduced machine also lowers the cost of materials and scrap.
  • September 2021, Package integrity testing was carried out by Nelipak Laboratory Services to guarantee the sterility and integrity of the products. For all manufacturers, package integrity is a top priority, but it is especially important for those in the medical device sector because the sterility and integrity of products can have a significant influence on patients' health. This is anticipated to present the organization with further prospects for market expansion.

Market Segmentation:

By Packaging Type

  • Electrical & Electronics
  • Transportation
  • Medical
  • Chemical
  • Others

By Material

  • Plastics
  • Glass
  • Metal
  • Paper & Paperboard
  • Others 

By Sterilization Method

  • Chemical Sterilization
    • Ethylene Oxide (ETO)
    • Hydrogen Peroxide
    • Others
  • Radiation Sterilization
    • Gamma Radiation
    • E-beam
    • Others
  • High Temperature/Pressure Sterilization
    • Steam Autoclave 
    • Dry Heat

By Application

  • Pharmaceutical & Biological
  • Surgical & Medical Instruments
  • In Vitro Diagnostic Products
  • Medical Implants
  • Others 

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