Electric Vehicle (EV) Test Equipment Market Size To Hit USD 348 Mn By 2030

Published Date : 24 Feb 2023

The global electric vehicle (EV) test equipment market size is predicted to hit around USD 348 million by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 23.52% over the forecast period from 2022 to 2030.

Utilization of the electric vehicle due to increasing population and demand raised for electric vehicles along with the test equipment required for maintenance of the electric vehicle. Due to decrease prices of the electric vehicle and improved developed technologies and enhance features of the test equipment market increased the rates of test equipment. 

Test equipment provided are given to avoid future problems and for good performance, it includes testing of the battery, charger, motor, power testing, vibration testing, noise, and harshness testing of the vehicle.

Report Highlights

Electric vehicle test equipment market based on types. Based on vehicle type includes commercial vehicle and passenger car. Based on electric vehicle type includes hybrid electric vehicle, plug-in electric vehicle, and electric vehicle battery. Based on the type of equipment motor testing, battery testing, transmission, dynamometer, propulsion, onboard testing, axle test, inverter testing, components, drive train test, fuel injecting, and chassis dynamometer which increased the market during the forecast period.

The electric vehicle test equipment market is based on applications it is basically used to monitor the vehicles and manage future problems and for good productivity and low maintenance. To monitor the vehicles for noise, vibration testing, and harshness testing in developed dynamometers. Developed sensors in the vehicles give the proper data without being disturbed by the components of the vehicle

The electric vehicle test equipment market is based on end-user private vehicles and commercial vehicles

The electric vehicle test equipment market is based on regions including Asia Pacific region, Europe, and North America Countries such as India, China, Japan, South Korea, U.S, Canada, and the rest of the world

Electric Vehicle Test Equipment Market Report Scope

Report Coverage Details
Market Size in 2023 USD 79.33 Million
Projected Forecast Value in 2030 USD 348 Million
Growth Rate 23.52% from 2022 to 2030
Largest Market North America
Base Year 2022
Forecast Period 2022 To 2030
Segments Covered By Type, By Vehicle and By Equipment
Regions Covered North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and Middle East & Africa

Regional Snapshots

In various regions, there is improved and developed technologies of the electric vehicle test equipment market. Asia Pacific region to be the topmost position having the highest share for increasing the market growth. Which includes countries such as India, Japan, China and many more. In India government has introduced more than 10,000 electric buses which have zero emission and are eco-friendly in nature along with electric cars and electric 2-wheelers. 

Which contributes for eco-friendly nature. Governments from other regions invested the providence and installation of charging stations for the increasing electric vehicle test equipment market during the forecast period. North America was also seen to increase the market growth with developed technologies. Europe also has contributed to enhancing the market growth.

Market Dynamics


The driving factor of the electric vehicle test equipment market is the increasing demand from the market due to the increased population day by day. Reduced cost of electric vehicle and improved facilities which involve low maintenance, good performance and zero emission of carbon dioxide gas, and increased rates of the fuel is a major reason to thrive the market growth, as increased charging stations infrastructure and less cost of the batteries which are the major source of the power. 

Automotive industries are investing the providence for the development of test equipment which is utmost for electric vehicles to avoid future problems and give good output to increase the market growth. The market players involved in manufacturing and producing electric vehicle test equipment are playing a major role for the enhancement of the market. 

Dynamometer used in the test equipment used to test the battery, charger, motor, vibration, noise and harshness of the market for proper maintenance of the electric vehicle, and increase efficiency with good performance. Development of the vehicles with an increased average run of the electric vehicle with more research and development. Governments from other regions investing funds for the development of smart and emission-free regions. 


Improved technologies in the test equipment better than before for testing the vehicle may also cost more and can hamper the growth of the market due to increased prices of the test equipment. The balance should be maintained between the developed technology and the cost of the test equipment. Standardized methods should be involved for charging electric vehicles. 

The impact of covid-19 around the various regions also affected the market growth. The shutdown of the nation and ceased transportation turn off the market growth and slowed down the manufacturing of electric vehicles and test equipment. Investments of the automobile industry for developing electric vehicles faced the decline of the market.


Underdeveloped regions with increased developed facilities and manufacturing of the electric vehicle test equipment for the betterment of the electric vehicle which is also used for conventional vehicles. Governments from different regions invested in the betterment of the nation and emission-free and eco-friendly region. 

Reduced rates of the electric vehicles compared to the conventional vehicles, installing charging stations, newly developed dynamometers for determining noise, vibration, and harshness of the electric vehicles. Increasing the average run of the electric vehicle and increasing price of the fuel, decreased the charging time of electric vehicles supports the market to growth.


The challenges faced in the electric vehicle test equipment market include such as due to improved developed technologies of the test equipment market may led to an increase the rates of the test equipment’s can hamper the market growth. The automobile industry faced a dilemma during the manufacturing of electric vehicles due to decreased cost of electric vehicles. Newly adopted technologies may take time to understand the features and to work on it. Skill workers are required for testing the vehicles with developed methods. 

Recent Developments

  • In the year 2020, July, 3 - Electrode battery testing equipment was introduced by Arbin
  • In the year 2020 July, Kuka and T-systems collaborated to introduce new solution testing for manufacturing industries
  • In the year 2020 October, Horiba launched new driving system, DA, EVO which work driving robots for testing the vehicles.

Major Key Players:

  • TUV Rheinland (Germany)
  • AVL (Austria)
  • Chroma ATE ( Taiwan)
  • Horiba (Japan)
  • KukaAG (Key Innovator)
  • Froude, Inc
  • Dewesoft
  • Burke Portar Group
  • Atestep Gruh
  • Durr Group (Germany)
  • Arbin instruments
  • Blum- Novotet Gmbh
  • FEV group GMBH
  • Dynomerk Controls
  • Comemso electronics Gmbh

Market Segmentation

By Type

  • Hybrid electric vehicles
  • Plug-in hybrid vehicles
  • Battery electric vehicles

By Vehicle

  • Passenger Vehicle
  • Commercial Vehicle

By Equipments

  • Powertrain
  • Charging
  • Component
  • Drivetrain test
  • Axle test
  • Propulsion system
  • Board charger
  • Inverter test
  • Fuel transfer pump

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